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When you visit your local grocery store or mall, you assume the property you enter will be safe. If a property owner’s negligence injured you—for instance, if you slipped and fell on black ice that a property owner should have removed—you shouldn’t have to pay the medical bills for your own recovery.

Instead, get the financial compensation you need for lost time at work and expensive medical bills by working with a personal injury attorney. At Clearfield & Associates, we represent clients in Reading, PA, who are fighting for their right to full compensation after a personal injury accident.

Let Us Work on Your Behalf

After you experience a personal injury, you have to demonstrate that another person is legally obligated to help you recover. Depending on the case type, the burden of proof is high, and the legal terminology can be difficult for a layperson to work through. A capable lawyer can examine your case, gather evidence, review the relevant facts, and present a strong suit on your behalf.

As your slip and fall attorney, truck or car accident attorney, or motorcycle attorney, we dedicate ourselves completely to your case. If you live in Reading, PA, don’t wait to get in touch. Call (215) 330-6511 anytime.

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