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Our Goal is Large Settlements for You! We have settled over 15,000 cases, some with awards in the million of dollars.

Injury doesn't discriminate. It doesn't play favorites. It doesn't care where you live, how much you earn, or where you're from. The law firm of Clearfield & Associates doesn’t discriminate either.

When accidents happen and you are hurt, we are there for you!

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Injured in an Accident? A Personal Injury can be Devastating.

You have the right to pursue fair compensation for your injuries.

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The law firm of Clearfield & Associates is here to help. We offer FREE CASE EVALUATIONS to help determine if you are likely entitled to a settlement. And no fees are charged until your case is settled.

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Clearfield & Associates offers assistance for injury cases all over the state of Pennsylvania and New Jersey. For 28 years, our Philadelphia personal injury attorneys have won countless cases for people suffering injuries due to the negligence of others.

If you have been injured and seek justice, our legal experts will take your case and provide you with quality representation in order to provide you with the closure and settlement you deserve.

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